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The ABC’s of Wofford

The ABC’s of Wofford

By: Jonathan Franklin, Senior Writer, Anna Aguillard, Senior Writer, Addie Lawrence, Editor, Elaine Best, Editor

Here we are, on our last leg of our journey of what we call Wofford College. There have been good times, there have been the not-so-good times, but most importantly, memories have been made and will hopefully be cherished for a lifetime. With only a few short weeks left until the Class of 2016 walks out of the front gate on May 15, we — your senior writers — have compiled a list of ABC’s of our four years on Wofford’s campus that will ignite some nostalgia to get through these next few days.


A is for Asbestos

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Who can forget the living mold in Marsh that caused the residents our freshman year to stay in the Marriott during orientation week?  


B is for Boys Bid Day

With being the last class to experience such an interesting but fun occasion to unofficially celebrate the bids for the gentlemen seeking membership into the IFC organizations on campus, the future for the unofficial celebration remains a mystery.


C is for Campus Safety

When you’re walking across campus in the middle of the night, who you gonna call?


D is for Dunlap, Bernie Dunlap

With our class being the last class to also experience Dr. Bernie Dunlap as president, who else can we get to narrate our lives with such an awesome voice?!


E is for Edward Sharpe

Never forget spring weekend in 2013. It was raining, and the typical outdoor concert took place in Ben Jo. But at least Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes were there to keep the mood vivacious. Cheers to the lucky souls who partied with the band later that night.


F is for Foam Party

…enough said.


G is for Girls in Pearls

This short-lived sorority alternative vanished soon after its creation. Will the new class carry the same torch forward, or has the flame completely died out?


H is for Halloween Carnival

Was it just our imagination, or did the horseshoe host sketchy carnival rides, cotton candy, fortune tellers and a hypnotist who made us believe in magic?


I is for Interim

Does the real world have interim? Would it be okay if we took a month off of work to travel or learn to play guitar? I’m sure our bosses wouldn’t complain.


J is for Job

Speaking of bosses, can we have a job, please? Surely this degree must be worth something.


K is for Krispy Kreme

Whether we have the Hot and Ready app or only occasionally go for the glaze, we’ve all eaten our fair share of the $9 dozen. We’re not ashamed of the boston cream dripping down our chin at midnight, and you shouldn’t be either.


L is for Laundry Room

It was all too recently that every dryer in the Village laundry room was broken due to a cut gas line. At least it was warm enough to air dry everyone’s khakis and yoga pants.


M is for Milliken

Many days and many nights spent in the palace we call Milli. We’ve at least spent one or two (maybe more) all nighters shoving endless amounts of coffee down our throats.


N is for NCAA March Madness

We cheered on the Terriers both from the comforts of campus and in the stands. If your throat wasn’t raw after the game, you weren’t shouting loud enough.


O is for Olin Cat

R.I.P. Olin Cat


P is for Palmetto Bugs

“Palmetto bug” is just a polite word for cockroach. If you haven’t spotted at least one of these – large and small – creatures lurking in the shadows around Shipp and DuPre, then count yourself among the fortunate few.


Q is for QuikTrip

Taking a trip down I-85 South, maybe to Greenville or Asheville? Be sure to stop at the QT on the roundabout, and don’t forget your 69 cent slushie.


R is for The Row

Some may have shed a tear on the last night before demolition. Did we have as much fun in those cramped, mysteriously-stained houses as we remember, or is the nostalgia clouding our vision? Either way, The Row was a staple in our social lives.


S is for The Space

When it comes to the job search, we’ve all heard that we need to take our questions to The Space. With a near complete turnover, The Space – cough, the Mungo Center – that we knew as freshmen is no more.


T is for Terrio Golf Cart Race

Remember the Terrio? On a beautiful spring day, President Dunlap would dress up as Zeus, and each department would race a golf cart around the lawn in front of Old Main. The event is no more, but we can still hear the screeching tires to this day.


U is for Underclassmen

There’s no way we looked that young when we started Wofford. Do underclassmen even realize how much free time they have? Underclassmen, listen up; the world is yours! Take advantage before you spend your evening searching for jobs and crying over your thesis and capstone papers.


V is for Village

After living in the Village for a year (or two for those who lived there junior year), it’s almost as though we do not want to move out. I mean, the living set-up is better than what our first apartment is going to be.


W is for Web

The Old Gold and Black hit the internet in the fall of 2014, and it’s been soaring ever since. With two South Carolina Press Association awards for website, the online copy is on the way to becoming a staple alongside the print edition.


X is for XOXO

Bye, Wofford.


Y is for YikYak

An app that hit Wofford hard, YikYak was a center of controversy during its early years. Now, with names disabled, the bullying problem seems to have subsided as a major conversation topic.


Z is for Zero Regrets

Okay, maybe not zero regrets, but you can’t grow as a person if you don’t have a few regrets. It’s all about learning from your mistakes, right?

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