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Abigail Taylor, Contributing Writer • April 16, 2024

Ms. Cathy set to retire at the end of the fall semester

Ms. Cathy works at Burwell for breakfast. Students enjoy her crepes and omelets. Her love for students goes beyond the average faculty member. Photo by Caroline Parker

By Caroline Parker

As the fall semester comes to a close, students know change is approaching with new classes, friends and experiences. However, change not only affects students, but the entire Wofford community, especially as the beloved Ms. Cathy retires at the end of this semester.

Ms. Cathy exhibits all qualities of a Wofford community member that the institution prides itself on, such as generosity, compassion, and enthusiasm. Working in Burwell most mornings, Ms. Cathy serves as a bright spot to begin students’ days. 

“Ms. Cathy’s warm, humorous and joyful attitude helps me get up and start each day on the right foot,” said Adair Bannister ‘23, who frequents Burwell breakfast.

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Being dedicated to Wofford College for 25 years, Ms. Cathy has devoted her time to learning every student’s name, making thousands of omelets and crepes and building connections with students that go above and beyond the average employee here at Wofford. 

“What other Wofford employee tells you they are praying for you, makes you laugh when you’re down, and cooks you crepes or omelets, even when they are off duty?” Bannister asked.

One of the hardest transitions for students entering college can be homesickness and missing home cooked meals, but while visiting Ms. Cathy in Burwell, students know that their breakfast was cooked from the heart. 

As a safe space on campus, Ms. Cathy asks “How are you?” and “What are your plans for the day?” Ms. Cathy makes many Wofford students feel heard and loved. 

Jack Grabarczyk ‘26 got to experience Ms. Cathy’s welcoming personality in his transition to Wofford this fall. 

“As a new student here and going to Burwell for the first time, (Ms. Cathy) made me feel appreciated and comforted,” Grabarczyk said. “She was a mother-like figure,” 

Ms. Cathy’s student-friends include the quietest students at Wofford to the most outgoing. Students always feel welcome in Ms. Cathy’s presence, whether she’s asking how a student’s weekend was or what the student would like in their omelet.

Most Wofford students have had a conversation with Ms. Cathy, whether it is a simple hello, or you are given a nickname like Fracesca Borghese ‘26.

“In the crepe line one morning, I introduced myself as Francesca, and by the time my crepe was finished, I was nicknamed Fancy,” said Borghese. “My friends continue to use the nickname two months later.”

Borghese’s story highlights the lasting impact that Ms. Cathy has had on the student population here at Wofford. She inspires students to have a more open mindset and to be welcoming of all other student’s and their stories, or to simply live more in the moment with a funny nickname. 

“I am now getting sad as it gets closer, and I want time to slow down,” Ms. Cathay said. “Three months ago, I was ready to party, but now it’s getting real.”

Beyond her Wofford family, Ms. Cathy has a four-year-old granddaughter to whom she now plans to devote most of her extra time. 

“I will be kept busy even after my days here. My granddaughter has a whole schedule planned for my retirement,” Ms. Cathy said. “She runs the show.” 

In a small community such as Wofford, word travels fast. Ms. Cathy’s retirement has been a topic of discussion through the whole semester, and students are now experiencing the same bittersweet feelings as Ms. Cathy as the end of the semester approaches. 

Students will miss having their mornings start with a smile and a crepe, but they know the time spent with family is well-deserved. 

The impact Ms. Cathy has had on Wofford students does not go unnoticed. Serving as much more than an AVI employee, Ms. Cathy has served as an example of valuable life lessons. She has taught students to look at the good in their day and to slow down in the midst of college chaos and appreciate those around us. 

Ms. Cathy will be dearly missed by the entire Wofford community, but there is no one more deserving of retirement. 

From all of us here at the Old Gold & Black, we love you, Ms. Cathy!

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