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Sam Veremchuk collapses over his schoolwork.

The do’s and don’ts of personal health

Contributing Writer November 17, 2015

By: Elizabeth Terrell, Contributing Writer “Have you found it difficult to go to class and do your work while you’ve been sick?” I asked my interviewee. “Yes,” sophomore Hailey Gardner said,...

Pictured is the Inside of Dottie’s Toffee, located in Downtown Spartanburg at 155 W. Main St.

WoffordSpoon: Dottie’s Toffee

Jonathan Franklin November 3, 2015

By: Jonathan Franklin, Senior Writer and Zack Morrow, Contributing Writer Watch out Cookout, there’s a new and local place in town that may have your milkshakes beat. If you find yourself roaming in...

Campus Union has released a campus improvement form, what at-large delegate Patrick Longest, ’17, calls a “wonderful new option for improving Wofford’s campus.” Photo by Mark Olencki.

Campus Union calls for comments, suggestions and concerns

Sarah Madden November 3, 2015

By: Sarah Madden, Senior Writer Campus Union representatives have recently released a new form of communication between students and the college: an on-line suggestion, comment and concern form that can...

A student admires a piece of art during Carolyn Ford’s display of her “Discombobulation” pottery series and art talk that Wofford hosted.  Photo credit: Mark Olencki.

Introverts and the world they live in

Contributing Writer October 20, 2015

By: Elizabeth Terrell, Contributing Writer Do you find yourself tapping out from a party after only an hour or two of being there? Is it easier for you to study when you’re completely alone as opposed...

I love playing with the fallen leaves because it reminds me of when I was younger and also it’s a great way to acknowledge and appreciate the nature that surrounds us,” says Julie Woodson, ’18.

All the Fall Things

Kelsey Aylor October 20, 2015

By Kelsey Aylor, Staff Writer If you’re anything like me, as soon as you see the first leaf fall from a tree, you become inexplicably excited at the oncoming colder weather because it means none other...

Ann Casey Hughes peacefully collapses over some nonlinear dynamics and chaos.

Staying asleep in a hyper-stimulated world

Caleb Pierce October 20, 2015

By: Caleb Pierce, Staff Writer With the advancing semester, exams, papers and projects begin piling up and time becomes pinched. As the air in Milliken Science Center thickens with coffee and cortisol,...

 “I think having a global vision of your semester is really that when you get to the final exam, you’re not trying to do 12 hours of studying in a row,” says Dr. Carol Wilson.  It’s never too early to start preparing for finals. Exams are held Dec. 8-12.

Crunch time: preparing for the second half of the semester

Katherine Waters October 20, 2015

By: Katherine Waters, Staff Writer After midterms, most students start to feel the pressure build to prepare for the final stretch of the semester. The study habits that they use during this time can...

Wofford students Rea Gajewsky ’17 and Susannah Bryant ’16 enjoy coffee and tea while shopping at Brown Roof.

New thrift shop in town: a guide to Sparkle City thrifting

Sarah Madden October 6, 2015

By: Sarah Madden, Senior Writer Brown Roof Thrift is the new thrift store on the block, and it just might be the first thrift store in Spartanburg to also serve coffee and tea. The store was intentionally...

Senior Biology major Kristen Martin (Left) and Junior Psychology major Audra Pack (Right) study together in the Space.

The art of getting by

Contributing Writer October 6, 2015

By:  Danielle Sehnert, Contributing Writer It is widely accepted as an essential skill and yet incredibly difficult for many to master. It is something our parents and teachers alike have chided us...

For Wofford students who have specific tree allergies, Lefebvre says to keep your windows shut. “I have an allergy to hickory trees, and my yard is full of them. I chose to stop sleeping with the windows open so I wouldnt wake up feeling congested.

An apple a day maintains the GPA

Katie Sanders October 6, 2015

By: Katie Sanders, Staff Writer A chorus of sniffling noses and incessant coughing has become the soundtrack of fall semester, but Lisa Lefebvre, director of employee wellness and medical services, shares...

Have a problem? We’re here to help.

Old Gold & Black Web Admin October 28, 2014

BROUGHT TO YOU BY WOFFORD’S INSIGHT AND SUGGESTIONS EXCHANGE TEAM (ALSO KNOWN AS A SECRET OG&B STAFF MEMBER)— Dear WISE, I went abroad this past spring, and being back on campus has been a...

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