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A graphic for elementary school children depicting how to eat a balanced diet with examples of foods from diverse cultures, photo by Zoe Mullins

Collaboration Gone COVID

Erin Bedenbaugh November 23, 2020

What it means to be a modern-day mentor and researcher during a global pandemic Wofford frequently touts the opportunities that students are exposed to on our small, liberal arts campus. On Wofford’s...

The Spartanburg Medical Center that, per year, has over 174,000 emergency center visits, performs over 25,000 surgical operations and delivers more than 3,800 babies.

The Cares Act That May No Longer Care

Erin Bedenbaugh November 3, 2020

The upcoming Supreme Court decision over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) brings rise to questions about the future of the American healthcare system. Despite the recent passing of late Supreme Court...

(From left to right) The founders of SEED., Grace Gehlken and Kenzie Syiem, as well as their creative project manager, Eliana Davis.

Watching Empowerment Sprout

Erin Bedenbaugh October 20, 2020

How SEED. is facilitating change both at home and around the world The Launch program in the Space has been a way for many students to build an idea into a business. This is no different for Kenzie...

Different recycling bins found across Wofford’s campus

The Sustainability Sham

Erin Bedenbaugh October 6, 2020

Why is recycling on campus shrouded in mystery and confusion? Wofford takes pride in its reputation of sustainability and environmental friendliness. The Galleria in the Michael S. Brown Village Center...

Allison Sherman, current Editor-in-Chief of the Old Gold & Black


Erin Bedenbaugh September 22, 2020

What does it really mean to be a woman in journalism? Recently I attended an “NPR Founding Mothers Talk” via Zoom, moderated by Lisa Worf, a morning edition host and executive producer for WFAE...

Another Well-Deserved Thank You

Another Well-Deserved Thank You

Erin Bedenbaugh May 2, 2020

Healthcare workers and essential employees deserve our praise and gratitude for their service. Let’s be candid. Being at home sucks for most of us. We miss our normal routines, in-person classes,...

Doctor Nowatka, a professor of psychology at Wofford College. Photo courtesy of Mark Olencki.

An Insecure Upbringing

Erin Bedenbaugh March 21, 2020

Examining expectations of children raised in unstable homes The state of South Carolina is currently experiencing an extreme deficit in the number of  foster parents. According to the The Post and...

Kenneth Herniman, who, in this article, speaks to his personal experiences as a past foster parent

The Highs And Lows Of Fostering Children

Erin Bedenbaugh March 21, 2020

What is it like to participate in a system that inherently sets you up for failure? Most of us have heard of someone’s involvement with the childhood foster care system, whether it be from a family...

Series Introduction: The Modern State of Childhood in the United States

Erin Bedenbaugh February 19, 2020

Do we too often take for granted the idea of a carefree childhood?  While abroad in Germany, I became close friends with a girl who would later share her family’s complicated and intense relationship...

A road painted with the Gay Pride flag

…But Gendered Words Tend to Hurt

Erin Bedenbaugh January 7, 2020

How our perception of language and gender affects how we see the world  Gender-centric language surrounds us every day. Don’t believe me? Picture a nurse—now a CEO. Was the nurse a woman, and...

The Brandenburg Gate, a famous border area between East and West Berlin

How Walls can Create more Problems than they Solve

Erin Bedenbaugh November 23, 2019

Remembering the importance of peace during the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall  Imagine: it’s late at night on Nov. 9, 1989. People are crowded around the tightly controlled...

The Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the world’s most visited historical landmarks

The Burden of Tourism

Erin Bedenbaugh November 23, 2019

Is it possible to see the world while preserving and protecting? Most people love to use the word wanderlust when describing their insatiable need for travel; funnily enough, the use of wanderlust...

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